Text from PC Powered by Google

How to text from your computer with Android Messages

Text from PC Powered by Google

On June 18, 2018, Google started service called Text from web using Android Message. The use can  view, manage and Text (SMS) from your web browser for their PC. It provides facility to open  Messages on mobile phone on the PC. Similar to Web WhatsApp, the mobile phone needs to be connected with internet all the time to access this facility on the web. 

Android Message Logo
Android Message

The regular Message APP in the mobile phone will not work. The user need to install Android Messages from Google play store.  Android Messages is supported on devices running Android™ 5.0 Lollipop and above. The link for the same is provided through picture below.


Android Message Google Play Store Download

After installation of Android Message on the mobile phone from Google Play Store, it will appear similar to default Messages of the mobile as shown below


Next is connecting Android messages on the web browser. 

URL – https://messages.android.com/

It is will appear similar to the image shown below :

One the web-browser, scan code will appear for connecting with Mobile Android Message.  On mobile phone Andoid Message, at right hand side top-corner, three dots are there for more options. One of the option is Messages for Web.  It will provide scan code reader to connect web message.   immediately Text screen will be active show and all the mobile messages will be web  as shown below:

Messages on PC

The Android Messages on web can share Images, emojis, and stickers  via the buttons at the bottom—the last triggers a switch to MMS, so MMS needs to be enabled on the recipient’s phone.





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