How to download Facebook Videos

Facebook has become a powerful platform not only to share our emotions with our friends but to share important, knowledgeable content with wider community. It has become a powerful business platform for information sharing. Often, we find very useful content that we would like to review again and again. Sharing on Facebook is one time activity but it may lost in our timeline. In that context we may need to download the video.










Downloading Facebook video is a simple as downloading an attached file from your email.

Step -1 :

Select the video or hover over the video and RIGHT CLICK over it. Copy the URL and paste it in new TAB.

If right click is not working, just click on the expand video (diagonal arrow just before volume adjustment of video) or full screen video). This will help in selecting the video url.







Step -2 :

Open the Video in new browser TAB (Chrome, Firefox, whichever you are using).

Step -3: 

Replace ‘www’ in URL with ‘mbasic’ and rest other things remaining the same. The window will refresh and display 

size will change a little.







Step -4:

Right click on the video and choose SAVE AS 









Step -5 

The video can be saved now. Check the file extension, it should be .m4

Step- 6

Save the video in PC and now you can watch it offline. 


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