How to create automatic Bibliography Reference in MS Word

How to create automatic Bibliography, Reference in MS Word

According to Cambridge Dictionary – The word “Bibliography” means 

list of the books and articles that have been used by someone when writing a particular book or article

As a student, researcher or as an academician when we write any article, we need to refer, support and quote our statements of previous work been done by other researchers. Also to avoid PLAGIARISM the statement has to be properly referenced. At the end of the document you need to provide a bibliography/reference list. 

There are several software available that can do this job of creating bibliography/reference (at the end of document) automatically when you quote it in your document. Those software read the database of saved references and while you are quoting the information in your document and at the same time bibliography is automatically created in desired format. The reference library needs to be created beforehand when you are reading the articles and doing literature review. While browsing on webpage you can click and add citation in your library database. 

Endnote is most renowned commercial software and many others are some commercial software available but  there are good freewares available that can do the job for you in pretty well manner. There are many freewares available, here I am describing about Mendeley software which I prefer and found useful and easy. 


Mendeley is one of the freewares that I like most. It is easy to install and use and very nice to add citations and built bibliography in MS Word. 

Mendeley for PC
Mendeley for Desktop

Mendeley installation 

For downloading Mendeley, browse download page of Mendeley as below


Installation is the .EXE file and you will get Mendeley desktop to manage your references.

Once you install and open Mendeley, the interface would like below:

Mendeley Software Windows
Mendeley Software


In Medeley you can categorize and  see all your citations which you can add directly while browsing the article on webpage.

Creating Reference database on Mendeley

Creating database is automatic using chrome/Firefox/others addon available for Mendeley. Just add Mendeley ADD ON to your favorite web-browser . While you are browsing any journal page – click on add on button to save the current article citation. You can create different categories to save different citations.

Mendeley Website
Mendeley Browser


While browsing on standard journal website, after clicking Mendeley addon link, it will capture the information as shown below

Citation for Mendeley
Citation download for Mendeley database


Now the last step is installing Mendeley plugin for MS Word. This is to call the citations while you are writing your work.

Visit Mendeley site – and start using it !!!



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