how to compress video file

How to compress video size without losing quality

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Video files are voluminous !!!

Even a 1 minute video can be a big file. We all want to shoot quality videos and share. With smart phones its so easy now and quickly we want to share it to the world.

Video files are big and when it comes to share the file online it consumes a lot of data. So what is the solution for this?

Well, there are many ways to compress the video file and bringing down its size. Video files can be compressed in size without compromising much on its quality. There are number of options available online and also the softwares that can do the job for you instantaneously. 

I am herewith sharing you the one which totally Free and would always remain free as it is under GNU program. I like it for my work and I am sure you would also like it. 

The name is HANDBRAKE. 


You can download the same from URL –  

HandBrake takes videos you already have and makes new ones of smaller size in memory that work on your mobile phone, tablet, TV media player, game console, computer, or web browser—nearly anything that supports modern video formats.

You  can install the software like any other windows software and after installation it would open as shown below: 

HandBrake Software


How to use the software – Handbrake 

Well, its pretty simple, once interface is open and you can bring your video you need to compress. There are several options and if you are aware of video formats and technical details, you may tweak, else go ahead with defaults.

You have the option for batch conversion or single file conversion.


More details about different menu and operation can be found in Handbrake documentation

Having a glance at the document and quick start link would be certainly useful to use the software in better manner and use it optimally for your results.

or the best way is to quickly browse :

It can compress videos more than 10 times without losing quality.

So start using it now !!!

Kindly note that there are several other methods for compressing the video but I am herewith sharing with you Easy and worthy software.

PS: Since the software HANDBRAKE is from GNU program, it will always remain free !!!


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