Education Crate team has dedicately brought you all with a Crate full of learning stuff you need besides your regular academics learning. There is lots we have liberty in ITage access to information. But remember all information is not knowledge. And all information on net is not useful information. Luckily we have Wikipedia, Youtube and many other stuff which is reliable content. We will be talking more on this but let me assure you Education Crate is the place where we had tried to bring maximum for your requirement- irrespective of your age and Educational level. Because Learning does not depend on Age and stops at any Age.  We  also had brought class wise specific Tutorials and Modules that parents and teachers often need. The modern tools like – GIS, MATLAB, Statistics will also been included for that in demand these days.

We will bring you topics which will surely be of interest to you. Hopefully you would find it useful and we are there to improve and bring out best to you.

EducationCrate Team